The archive is the basis of Revoir. Everything you have ever recorded on film and in pictures, in a variety of mediums, can be digitalized and archived by Revoir.

Next to your current computer or hard disk with all of your materials, you can have a Revoir archive. This can be used by the whole family to share stories and memories with the next generations. Besides looking back at old recordings, it is also possible to fill your Revoir archive with new videos, pictures and documents, which you record daily, in the here and now. Because of this, you can ensure that no valuable memories will be lost.


You collect all old family films, videos, pictures, slides and documents to digitalize. We pick up the archive at your house and it goes without saying that we treat it with a high degree of confidentiality and use it with discretion. 

Revoir digitalizes your archive in the highest quality imaginable, bearing in mind the relative uses at all times. After digitalizing the different mediums, you will get the original materials back and we will arrange a fitting back-up for your digitalized files. You have to save the originals in secure place and together we will get to work with the digital files.

Personal website

After we have digitalized everything, we will store your archive on your personal Revoir website. That way, you can enjoy a vivid past that comes back to life every single time, whenever and wherever you would like.

Through this secure and ergonomic website, your meaningful memories are available to you in just one click. After logging in, you will see an accessible structure of your archive. You then open the desirable file and subsequently relish the memory. If you would want to, you can adjust the structure of the folders and files to your own liking.

Family fun

As soon as your personal Revoir website is ready and you have invited your family members to take part in this adventure, the family fun begins. Every member is able to add information (meta-data) to the images. Our filmmakers will develop a wonderful overview of the family archive and will be able to make combinations between the images, sounds and texts.

The information added by family, is available to all the members of the family. That will create a lot of fun!