Revoir considers audio as an incredibly important component of your life story. The ambient noises, voice and music will evoke multiple memories.

Our filmmakers will use three different layers of sound within a portrait;  the voice from the interview, the ambient sounds from around the house or your favorite location and the music that fits with the person. Music brings your images to life and see to the personal touch.


Interviews are important for recording your story. The interviewers from Revoir will guide you through, they know which questions to ask and look for your  "life changing moments".

The interviews take place at a location of your choice, in a chair you feel comfortable in and at a place you feel right at home. The interviewer visits you for an intake, in which the first questions will be asked. This conversation will only be recorded through audio. The main interview is recorded by camera and discussed in detail.

The ambient sounds

Revoir records the ambient sounds of your life and uses these whilst making your portrait. Sounds of your surroundings, in and around the house, in your favorite spot, the barking of the dog, the gravel of the driveway, and the wind through the trees in the garden.

A technical operator will record these sounds during a sequence. Focused on details, we look for the ambient sounds which will result in a picture perfect.

Custom music

Revoir works closely together with talented composers and musicians. We can provide your portrait with personal music, keeping in line with your preferences and the atmosphere of the recording in mind. You present us with your favorite music and Revoir Sounds will compose based on that.

There are a legion of possibilities. Think about a recording of the music of ‘your life’, in an inspiring scene by accomplished musicians.