A characteristic portrait

Chronicle is a video portrait using the fully ensemble of Revoir, including the archive, the audio and multiple close-ups. We arrange a chronicle in varieties that range from abridged versions to highly elaborate versions, for individuals, families and companies.

With this, think about a portrait of the grandchildren, grandparents or a portrait of the company. Revoir organizes the interviews, writes the story and will make professional recordings at a location of your choice. Furthermore, Revoir will oversee the video portrait using its own composed music, keeping your preferences and taste in mind.

All elements

All elements of Revoir come together in a chronicle. Revoir’s team can create a video portrait of a high value for all the next generation, simply by connecting these elements.

Revoir has made multi-fitting set ups for the different chronicle options. We will explain these different options in an introductory meeting and we will see which one fits you best together. Depending on your wishes, we could choose to decrease the amount of interviews and/or add more recording days for example.

Life time

A life time membership with Revoir, is the way our team works at its best. Annually recording the greatest moments and memories, worked out to your liking. One year a couple of interviews, the other year recordings of your holiday in VR, the possibilities are quite diverse. 

We will take a look at the best fulfillment of your Revoir every single year. Cessation is possible at any given time, as well as extending the chosen assortment. Life time Revoir is a choice every family deserves.


The chronicle can be enlightened from the inheritance. The appeal of not wanting to be forgotten and the recording of the stories, so that they will not ever get lost. A marvelous gift for all future generations.

Our filmmakers work elegantly and passionately on a person’s last memories. We will make an appointment together with the next of kind to present the unique piece of art, within a couple days.