A subtle portrait

The close up is a day of recording in which a limited part of the Revoir team will be at the desired destination to videotape the occasion. A subtle portrait is formed of this day, which you and your family can look back at, at any moment.

You can regularly organize a close-up for livening up and enriching your archive. The annual ski trip, the family weekend or a hockey game of your children, are lovely occasions for a close-up.


Revoir records your story as the spectator. Our filmmakers will be positioned at a subtle and unobtrusive distance, at the moments you want to have recorded. They will make an touching piece of art out of the recordings showing a sophisticated understanding of the more subtle details.

By using the lenses that zoom in from quite a distance, you will not notice there is a camera present. Whilst you and your company are living in the moment, Revoir will take care of the exquisite images that you can carry with you forever.

Making memories tradition

Traditions within families are of great value. Memories of those traditions are carved in one’s memory. Revoir cherishes these traditions and the memories of it.

By making a close-up of a tradition multiple times, the memory will be greater and more aesthetic. Eventually, this will result in a fortification of the archive.


During the close-up, the sound technician makes recordings of the ambient noise. Revoir uses these recordings for the clip of the day, as well as your archive, your story.

Interviews are easily combined with the close-up. Preceding the family day, some of the family members will be interviewed, thereafter everyone will amass for the get together.