A team of engaging professionals formulated the idea of what Revoir is now; a robust company that leads by three main principles when undertaking big and small challenges: trust, legacy and quality,

Our passion is making films which make the world more appealing as a vivid memories and continuous inspiration. We assemble all parts of a film portrait in the most appealing way. We admire people and their stories and that is the reason why we do what we do, that we are who we are. Revoir.

We create video portraits, in one word: ‘Revoirize’: non-stop writing the story of the continuous film, with a lot of devotion and all our craftsmanship. We archive your history for you, regularly recording big and small moments to produce an intimate video portrait. You can entrust Revoir with taking care of interviews and recordings, writing and composing music, as well as safeguarding a coherency.

We carefully and with great discretion and confidentiality, deal with your materials and personal data at all times. In short, Revoir is your most reliable partner who will follow you in your constantly growing story. 

Trust. Quality. Legacy.